10 Best App Lockers for Android Smartphone and Tablets

A smartphone is a very useful gadget. We have private communications and information in the likes of messaging & social media apps. Then you’ll find banking programs, in which a lot of our sensitive data is stored. Furthermore, we click a bunch of individual photos and films, which are saved in the gallery software of our smartphone. Unlike iOS, where you must be jailbroken to lock applications with Touch ID, Android comes with a variety of neat apps that enable you to lock programs through a password, GREEN, fingerprint reader or some truly unique ways. If you are searching for Best App Lockers for Android 2017, then this article will help you.

Although custom ROMs like CyanogenMod and Android generates from various suppliers come with the app locking feature built in, most Android consumers search for software lockers around the Google Play Shop. Therefore, if you’re searching for application lockers on Android to lock apps with your device’s fingerprint sensor, we’ve you covered. Listed below are the 10 best application lockers for Android.

Best App Lockers for Android 2017

The app lock is perhaps the most basic of security applications. The way it works is the fact that it’ll lock-up your other applications from prying eyes. Best Applock For Android 2017 – That way you don’t have to be worried about someone accessing your Facebook, Gallery app, or banking app. They perform best when combined with a lock screen lock to provide you with two layers of security. Those are worth getting? We’ll help you out using the best app locks for Android! Check Best Applock For Android Without Ads and Best Applock For Android Lollipop.

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The safety of a smartphone is something that should be taken very seriously. Android OS does allow consumers to include a passcode lock towards the lock screen, but many consumers find it extremely awkward and prefer to risk their information getting into the wrong hands than enter the PIN or structure lock every time. Most us use mail along with other messaging programs on our cellular devices, which contain sensitive data that we wouldn’t need others to access. Imagine if you can just code protect certain programs including Gallery, Messages, etc?. The Google Play Shop has some good instruments that password protect certain programs so that you don’t have to lock the entire system. After the dark split, we’ve compiled a list of a number of the best applications out of this category. We have a list of Applock For Android Apk Free Download and Best Applock For Android Smartphones and tablets.

You can easily check which one is the Best Applock For Android Without Ads and Best Applock For Android Lollipop.

1. AppLock – Smart App Lock Apk

AppLock is the most popular software locker application to the Play Retailer, with more than 100 million downloads. The software has certainly gained that, as it’s also the very best software locker for Android. With AppLock, you can lock apps in addition to numerous Android toggles like WiFi, Wireless, portable information etc. you may also block incoming calls or just about any Android element. AppLock also enables you to put in a cover like a warning message that claims “the app has stopped”, which can be among the common Android warnings.

Moreover, you can elect to cover the app, prevent uninstallation, and set up a wait for re-locking. It also incorporates an electric saving method, so if you use AppLock, you don’t must worry about the application wearing your device’s battery. Along with application locking, the app also brings a photo and movie vault, and support for extensions. AppLock is unquestionably a feature rich software plus it works properly. The app does include advertisements but they are rare and of the non-invasive type.

Install: (Free, with in-app purchases)

2. Privacy Knight Applock – Best App Lock Download

Privacy Soldier, designed by the Alibaba party, can be an ad-free and no cost application locker that isn’t highly popular but surely deserves to be. The application lets you lock applications through various strategies like PIN/routine, fingerprint, face-tracking or through a disguise cover like a strike to discover, move, or perhaps a crash message. Alongside apps, you are able to secure incoming calls with Privacy Soldier.

The application also incorporates additional functions such as a images & videos container, the ability to check for privacy issues and clear browser history.

Install: (Free)

3. Norton Application Lock – Best App Lockers for Android

It is likely that you’ve heard about Norton, the most popular anti-virus maker. Well, the organization offers a pretty good app locker for Android. The Norton Software Lock is a very simple application locker which should become a great selection if you are buying a free & ad-free application locker that just works. With Norton App Lock, you are able to lock programs by fingerprint, GREEN or structure.

Install: (Free)

4. Hexlock App Lock – Best Applock For Android 2017

Hexlock Application Lock is a fairly new software locker for Android that’s received a lot of grip due to its beautiful software and useful features. The application lets you secure programs through fingerprint, with all the PIN and routine as your backup. There are various preset profiles like Function, Residence, Party, Adult, Institution etc.-but you are able to edit these or create your own profiles. Hexlock allows you to automatically enable a profile based around the WiFi network your unit is connected to. Other than that, the app catches images and saves the place of crooks trying to open programs.

Install: (Free, with in-app purchase of $1.30 to remove ads)

5. App Locker: Fingerprint & Pin

App Locker is among the several app lockers for Android with all the “app locker” moniker. The app isn’t popular and it’s not hard to comprehend why. It has a fairly outdated UI but when you look past that, it’s some truly unique features. Best App Lockers for Android- Apart from the typical software locking characteristics, Software Locker enables you to set custom lock settings on a per-app basis. So, you can set the principal lock method for an app to fingerprint, while pattern since the primary way of another application.Install: (Free, Pro $3.99)

Install: (Free, Pro $3.99)

6. Keepsafe App Lock

The Keepsafe Application Lock app is the easiest software locker in this list. The app includes a stunning Product Design UI and packages in support for PIN, design, and fingerprints. You will find choices to create wait on once the programs are re-closed, prevent uninstall and hide FLAG details. If you’d like to disable the application quickly, the application lets you disable it for a couple hours.

Install: (Free, with in-app purchase of $1.99 to eliminate ads)

7. FingerSecurity

FingerSecurity is among the best software lockers for Android, due to its absolute quantity of functions. The feature-rich app allows you to lock programs via fingerprint and you can enable the enhanced safety attributes to make sure that parts of the app along with the app’s data isn’t obvious in the recent screen. There’s also the advanced security option to prevent uninstalls. The software also allows you to set a timeout, that is the delay in re-locking apps, along with options to the topic the fingerprint warning, and much more.

The application comes in a totally free version, but it’s relatively limited. However, you will get the Premium model, which gives more theming possibilities, just like the capability to change the background of the lock page.

Install: (Free, with in-app purchase of $1.99 for Premium)

We hope you liked our top 10 list of 10 Best App Lockers for Android Smartphone and Tablets and Best App Locker For Android Free Download. Comment below if you need any help.

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