Best Netflix Movies Right Now in 2017 – Good Films, and TV Shows

Best Netflix Movies 2017 : Netflix is an American entertainment company offers streaming media and video-on-demand online and DVD. You can watch any movie or TV show. Netflix services operated in over 190 countries. The huge collection of films available with only a few clicks. The good news: We’ve scanned the new entrances so you don’t have to. Here we are sharing Best Action Movies on Netflix and List of 2017 Netflix Films.

Searching for great movies on Netflix? We update our Best Movies on Netflix list each month with new accessions and overlooked gems to bring you our favorites pictures from multiple genres: action hits, documentaries, comedies, art-house films, tear-jerking dramas and Oscar-winning Best Pictures. If you love comedy movies then we also have a list of Best Comedy Movies on Netflix of 2017.

We all understand that Netflix is home to numerous TV series and movies. We’ve scoured Netflix UK to pick out 50 movies worth chilling with. Some are classics, some deeper cuts; all are worthy of your sofa time.

Best Netflix Movies Right Now in 2017

Best Netflix Movies Right Now in 2017

Best Netflix Movies Right Now in 2017

Can’t decide what to watch on Netflix UK? Try one of these List of Netflix Drama Films and Best Netflix Movies in 2017. Here’s our pick of the 50 best films to see on Netflix right now.

The Netflix name has meant several things during the company’s comparatively short existence: a source for DVDs by mail, online streaming, a network responsible for a few of the best shows not on TV, as the first half of the phrase that finishes “and chill.” It’s never quite evolved, however, into what some have expected it would, as the source for must view pictures, new and old. In regards to Best Netflix Movies, Netflix’s streaming service isn’t close to being what it absolutely was at its height as a DVD-by-post service: a place to see anything from anywhere and anytime. Looking for something new and indie? Netflix Prompt probably has you covered. Looking for something beyond that description? The service is hit or miss.

There are some brilliant Oscar-winning, genre changing, thought provoking Best Netflix Movies streaming right now on Netflix UK. Check out the list and share your favorite Netflix Movies.

1. Touching the Void – Best Netflix Movie

Initially, a Movie About Rock Climbing Doesn’t Seem All That Amazing, but Touching the Void Is Definitely Worth a Watch. All Goes Well With the Two Climbers Until One Breaks His Leg Along the Way Down. This Is an Extreme “docudrama” With Personal Accounts From Both Climbers.

2. St. Vincent

Grumpy Retired Guy Gets Involved With Neighbors’ Lives, With Naturally Heartwarming Results. Yes, St. Vincent Is Retreading a Well-worn Formula, but It’s Bill Murray So It’s Going to Be Humorous. It Is Easy Watching and Worth a Chortle or Two, and That’s the Reason Why It’s in This List. Plus, in Case You Missed It, Bill Murray.

3. E.t. The Extra-terrestrial

This Is Only One of the Finest Popular Science Fiction Movies of All Time, Brought to You Personally by Steven Spielberg at His Absolute Best. Long Before Convincing Cgi (Et Came Out the Same Year as Tron, for Reference), This Movie Got America to Fall in Love With an Alien Who Looked Like a Cross Between a Worm and a Dried Pear. Break Out Some Reese’s Pieces and See It Again.

4. Blazing Saddles

If you love watching movies online with check this movie in Best Netflix Movies list. Mel Brooks Takes on the Western Genre in This Classic Spoof. Gene Wilder Plays a Rickety-handed Gunfighter and Cleavon Little Plays a Black Sheriff Who Has to Deal With a Town Full of Dimwitted Racists. But, Like With Anything Mel Brooks Does, the Plot Is Only a Vehicle to Stack as High as He Can With Every Joke He and the Cast Can Come Up With.

5. The Longest Day

Long Before Saving Private Ryan Recreated D-day for Modern Audiences, the Longest Day Reenacted the Polar Invasion of World War Ii for the Audiences of 1962. John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Henry Fonda, and Several Other Huge Names Lend Their Powers to This 20th-century War Epic.

6. Ip Man

In Real Life, Ip Man Was the Martial Arts Master Who First Educated Bruce Lee Kung Fu. In Movieland, Ip Man Was a Chinese Hero Who Defeats the Imperial Japanese Army Through Utter Awesomeness. Historic Correctness Is Overrated–ip Man Is Great Fun. A Lot of That Is Due to the Star, Donnie Yen, Who You Might Recognize From His Part in Rogue One: a Star Wars Story.

7. The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game Is Benedict Cumberbatch in One of His Most Persuasive Roles Yet as Wartime Genius Alan Turing. Turing Designed Colossus, the Machine That Broke the Enigma Code and Helped the Allies Win the War. This Film Is Amazing–only Watch It.

8. Chicago

The Story Follows Her Into Prison, and Through Her Farcical Trial, as She Teams Up With a Smarmy Lawyer and a Competing Star to Beat the Rap.

9. Jurassic Park

Almost 25 Years After It Came Out, the Dinosaurs in This Picture Still Look Amazing, as Well as the Adventure Is as Perfect a Ride as Ever.

10. The Secret of Kells

The Secret of Kells Movie Makes the List Almost Entirely Due to Its Astonishing Cartoon. It’s the Story of a Young Irish Monk Who Would Like to Paint Illuminated Manuscripts, Also It Brings His Experience to Life in Beautiful, Dazzling Detail. This Really Is a Film That Just Must Be Seen.

There are many other Best Netflix Movies in 2017 that you can watch online. We will soon update this article with a List of 2017 Netflix TV shows, List of Netflix Comedy Films and Best Comedy Movies on Netflix in 2017. Share your favourite Netflix Movies and comment below.

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