Best Password Manager Apps of 2017

Windows 10 Password Managers: Save and manage your passwords securely with these best password manager apps available for Windows 10. We tremble at the news of a system hack. On the other hand, we have nightmares remembering the numerous passwords we create every day for multiple purposes be it Online shopping, a free email service or for a bank account. It is never a good idea to have the same password for everything. Password-free-sign-on is a rage with the advent of Windows 10 launch as Microsoft offered Fast Identity Online (Fido) standard to Windows 10 to enable it. Therefore Windows 10 as such has built in two-factor authentication to every device eliminating any phishing and password database breaches. Although, few sites still need us to create and remember the passwords.

Password manager apps for windows 10

Fortunately, we have password managers who keep track of our passwords securely on the web. All it does is to keep our passwords in an encrypted vault so we can be certain that the data is safe. Some services use a browser extension to save the data on the local machine or sync it with a cloud server. Nowadays password managers come with features varying from keeping sync of the change passwords, create a complex password for you, allow simple write-ups for the passwords, provide tools for import and export to storing it safely. We can keep it in our local machine or share it over the web. The kind of password manager we choose depends on the preference of the accessibility and enhanced security of the service.

password manager Apps

It is sad and tiring how we struggle to remember that long list of passwords, especially when you cannot just avoid keeping several accounts for various uses both online and offline. So, that’s where the password manager apps seem a blessing. These software applications serve you to record/store your akin registration information in a secure electronic form. Let’s see how this works. You just have to enter one single master password to access a site, which will provide the user with the retrieval of that particular password information for the specific site. It then uses this information to log in automatically. No more remembering of passwords for life long! These apps help in allowing different passwords to different single sites.

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All the password managers need a master key to access that vault. Rest of the passwords are taken care by the password manager. So just remember the master key and forget the rest.

Consider these password manager tools when you want to use one:

LastPass Password Manager (Windows 10)

If you are not so enthusiast for tool bars and want something secretive, LastPass Password Manager is the program to download. Every time you visit a site, it automatically prompts if it should save the password for you or not. The job is done in a two step action. Not only does it ask you for saving the password but when you revisit the website again, it shows you how many accounts you have with that website and which account to select in a drop-downs. This is best for day-to-day internet activity like online shopping or Email services.

The free LastPass application for Windows 10 makes the web browsing an easy and secure experience for each one of us. The high-class encryption algorithms used by LastPass keep your data secure and safe in all the ways. It shares the decryption key only to you, in order to make sure that your private information does not go over the internet. It can procure an unlimited number of passwords. With LastPass in Windows, you can even retrieve lost passwords on your computer. It manages your data from multiple computers and also, import passwords from other password managers

Dashlane Password Manager (Windows 10)

The neutral and self-explanatory interface has made it immensely popular for the use. It was launched in 2012. It maintains a log of purchases from various online shopping sites, auto-fills the forms and has an easy log-in feature which stands out. It also notifies you if you have an account on a site that is hacked. Like any other password manager, it offers you an option of storing the passwords in an encrypted format with a master key.

LockCrypet Password Manager (Windows 10)

It is yet another decent password manager for Windows 10. It provides a safe, central database to store all our account related information. It also helps to sort the account information based on the specified sorting order. It uses Cipher Block Chaining, and AES encryption scrambles the information we enter so it is hard to decode by others without a password.

KeePass Password Manager (Windows 10)

It’s an open source password manager who puts all our password in one data base. It is very simple to use. Just follow the instructions on the on-screen menu. The entry gets saved in alphabetical order. An open source project, KeePass for Windows 10 is a free password manager app, which stores all your passwords in one single database, which is then secured with one master-key or a key file.

The whole process is really simple; we just have to go to the onscreen menu, enter a site’s information and its corresponding user name and password.The entry gets automatically recorded in a directory with all our other entries. It has highly-encrypted databases and a strong password generator. KeePass is also a portable app. Thus, it’s super easy to carry with you and use on multiple computers.

RoboForm Password Manager (Windows 10)

Probably one of the oldest programs is very popular for password management. It is an easy-to-use freeware that can remember bundles of account information. It is compatible across all the major browsers.

RoboForm for Windows 10 is one of the oldest and most popular passwords and online form managers. It can store numerous passwords and usernames which itself makes it an easy to use freeware. Alike LastPass, it creates a master password to remember the other set of passwords. It is compatible with almost all the browsers, and also it does not require any installations as such. It supports multiple identities and also gives you a choice to keep your passwords data encrypted and local, or sync to the web and across devices if you want to. It has a portable version too. It uses powerful Encryption algorithms like BlowFish and AES thus ensuring complete security and protection which makes RoboForm the top-rated password managing app for years.

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