Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Game Released for Xbox and Play Station

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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Game

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The game is being developed by Activision and is planned to be a first-person shooter like its predecessors. This would be the 13th installment in the highly successful Call of duty series.

Release Date

The game is expected to hit the shelves by November 2016. It would be released across all the popular platforms including PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft windows.


The development of the game was announced in 2014. In this installment, the battle would go beyond the boundaries of the world and ascend to the planetary scale. You would be facing an alien invasion initiated by Settlement Defense Fort (SDF). The players would be stepping into the shoes of Captain Nick Reyes and would defend earth against a horde of nasty aliens.

The game would also feature new weapon system and combat styles including a transforming fighter called Jackal. You would also get your hands on new and improved weapon system that is guaranteed to leave your finger tingling with anticipation of pulling the trigger.

Reception and Initial Reviews

The trailer of the game was not received well over the social media. The movie received very harsh criticism from the Call of Duty Community. It also earned the title of being the second most disliked video on YouTube.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Whatever the reception may the game has the potential of becoming another hit in the series. With its intense action and amazingly detailed weapon system. The size of the world and the campaign would also increase. But the success of Call of Duty series has always been its multiplayer capabilities. It would be interesting to see how the fans react to fighting in huge maps scattered across the vast universe.

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