Xpadder Windows 10 – How to Configure a Joystick for PC (7, 8.1 & 10)

Xpadder Windows 10: The mouse and keyboard will always be our first-choice for winning contests on Computer. However many games are better-suited to your control so that as a growing number of console games make their way to the PC, it seems sensible to have the suitable controller on-hand. But what controller is best suited around the PC? We have tested the DualShock 4, Xbox 360 controller, every official edition of the Xbox One controller, and a few specific PC parts to select well known. These are the best gamepads for Computer, chosen for ease, handle, and just how suitable they’re with PC gaming. In this article, we will share How to Configure a Joystick on PC using Xpadder For Windows 10.

There are many Best Controller For PC Gaming available for Windows PC that helps you to Configure a Joystick on PCand Laptops. Xpadder Free Windows 10 and Xpadder Windows 10 is the Best Joystick Controller Software for Windows PC. If you are a hardcore gamer and playing games on PC, then Joystick controller will help you, but sometimes many Joystick controller will not work with PC, so you need to use Joystick controller software to manage or to set Joystick.

Xpadder Windows 10 – Xpadder Download for Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1

Xpadder Windows 10

Xpadder Windows 10

How to Configure a Joystick on PC – Xpadder Windows 10

Some games are very difficult to play on keyboard + mouse. Using Xpadder Free Windows 7, Xpadder Download Windows 10, you will able to simulate keyboard key -press or mouse control simply on gamepads, which would make playing games much easier. Xpadder lets you simulate keyboard key press, and mouse actions. Xpadder Xbox 360 is the best and one of the most popular Joystick Controller for Windows PC.

There are many popular Joystick controller, but Xpadder Windows 10 is the best tool. Here we will show you How to configure a joystick on your PC using Xpadder Windows 10.

  • Download and install Xpadder – link
  • Connect your Joystick to PC and Run the software.

Configuring Xpadder

  • When you first try to run Xpadder on your windows, it will give you an Unsupported Windows Version detected error so first, you have to solve this error.
  • To fix this error, right-click on Xpadder icon, and select the properties option.
  • Now, go to compatibility tab, and in the section named Compatibility mode, select the version as Windows 7 and click on Apply, and OK.

How to Configure a Joystick on PC using Xpadder For Windows 10

  • Click on the joystick icon > Go to the Image tab (step not required).

  • Click Open and choose the image of your controller if it is available.
  • Then go to the Stick tab > Check the Enabled box for the stick 1 and 2 and make the requested operations.
  • Go to the DPad tab and choose your settings > Go to the buttons tab.

  • Configure your buttons layout.
  • When you press a button a small square will be displayed, move the square in order to fit the current button layout.
  • Go to the Trigger tab and set their layout > Go to the Finish tab and click close.
  • To configure a button, open a virtual keyboard > Click and confirm arrows mouse to control the mouse with the joystick.
  • Save your settings and its done.

Configuring the D-Pad and other Joystick buttons

  • Once, you are done with the analog sticks, configuration – Navigate to the DPad option in Xpadder, and Enable it.
  • Press the corresponding Keys on the connected controller/gamepad.

Adding the Buttons, and placing them

  • Click on the Buttons option in the xpadder > start pressing the buttons of your gamepad – they’ll start appearing in the gamepad image.
  • Now place them according to the location of the button on the gamepad.
  • We pressed the X button on our controller, and it appeared at the place marked by 1 now, we will move its place by the maroon arrow, to its original place on the controller by the blue arrow.

Mapping the Keyboard keys, and mouse actions to Added Analog and buttons.

We are accomplished merely with half the component nevertheless when you select OK; you’ll be redirected to the following screen as shown below, here we must independently select these “white buttons” and assign the keyboard/mouse actions for them.

We have to determine maps to all these switches, just click on any white box to begin.

Clicking on the white button would start the part of assigning keys – Check the below photograph carefully for events. Instead, you’ll be able to click the “wrench“ icon beside the white-button to select pre-described mapping, examine the below photograph for manual mapping.

Manual mapping for white buttons – joystick actions. You can assign the mouse movements to the 4-white buttons, to simulate the mouse movements. After assigning some functions to the buttons, it would look like this.

Hope you liked this article on Configure a Joystick on PC and Best Free Gamepad / Joystick controller Softwares for PC. Configure gamepad using Xpadder version on Windows 7/8.1/10. Comment below if you need any help.

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