Convert YouTube to WAV with YouTube Converter – How to

YouTube is a platform that provides us massive video collection. Many You Tuber uploads videos that are useful for any users. YouTube has a massive and wide collection of videos with so many choices. Anyone can watch a video of their choosing on YouTube and like, comment and do subscription there. In simple words, YouTube helps us in many ways. The only limitation of this astonishing site is that viewers are not able to download videos from YouTube. As YouTube provide the feature of Offline saves Video, but many users want to save the video on their system so that they can watch the video without opening YouTube. So they want to save the file in WAV format on their system. If you are also looking for Convert YouTube to WAV, then keep reading. Here we are providing you some ways by which you can convert YouTube to WAV format.

How To Convert YouTube to WAV

Convert YouTube to WAV

Convert YouTube to WAV

There are two methods to convert YouTube video to WAV formats:

  1. Download a YouTube converter software on your system.

There are much software available in the market as YouTube to Wav converter. You just have to download and install it on your system. After installing it on your system just paste the URL into the textbox and select the format in which format you want to convert video. That’s it. But the software you are going to install on your system has some drawbacks too. It will not be available for free, as after some time you have to pay a certain amount to continue. The other reason it will you the resources of your device.

  1. Use online YouTube to Wav converter

This is the cool way to Convert YouTube to WAV. You just have to find YouTube to Wav Online converter. Then copy the link of the video and paste it into the URL textbox. And select the format and that all. It will automatically convert the video. You can download it very easily from there. Isn’t it is simple??

Now if you think which YouTube to Wav Online converter you have to use. So don’t worry here we are suggesting you some really good YouTube Wav converter tools. You can use any of them. Some of them are free of cost, and some are paid version. You can decide which one is good after reading about them.

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YouTube to Wav Online Converter


This is a simple YouTube Wav converter, which is easily available on the Internet for free. It will not only converts videos in WAV format but also support a variety of formats like OGG, WMA, AAC, MP3, FLAC, MP4, and AIFF. The outstanding feature of this Converter it can also extract audios from videos. It can also be used as YouTube to Wav file Converter as it can convert videos into e-book and documents. The only drawbacks of this Converter are it doesn’t support MOV format.

You can use this by using the following link:


It is also easy to use YouTube to Wav Online Converter. It is also available for free. It supports OGG, MVK, WMV, FLV, AVI, WMA and MP3 format other than WAV. It also protects you against Spyware outbreaks. The drawback of this Converter is it does not provide fast conversion rate. The output quality is also not so good. Although it is a good option for download YouTube Wav files.

To use this, you can follow the below link:


It is a user-friendly YouTube to Wav Online Converter. It also supports different format along with WAV-like MPEG, JPEG, AVI, and GIF. It will convert your file easily into the desired format. Its working speed is super-fast. It is Portable, as it can work on you mobile tablet and PC very well. The only drawback here is it doesn’t support many formats. Other than it is a great choice to Convert YouTube to WAV, it will convert it in very less time.

You can use this by following the below link:


It is very flexible and user-friendly way to Convert YouTube to WAV. It provides a wide range of formats to its users like MP3, MOV, AVI, ASK, WMV, MVK and much more. It also provides you option for selecting the size and quality of the video. It can convert any audio-video into the desired format. But it doesn’t make available for free. To use it you have to install it on your device. So if you are looking for free online Converter, then this is not the right option for you.

To use it follow the link:


It is also another Converter used to Convert YouTube to WAV format. It supports WAV, WMA, MP3, MP4, OGG and ACC formats other than WAV format. It gives super-fast downloading speed to its users. It also has an additional feature which allows you to preview your video and also you can take a pause at the converting time and resume it from that same point. It converts files with high speed. In its drawback list, it supports only limited number of formats, and it is not so user-friendly. It is a great option for you if you are looking for a fast Converter.

To use this, you can use this below-given link:


Another Converter used to Convert YouTube to WAV files. It also supports a variety of formats like WAV, WMV, MP3, MP4, FLV, MOV, 3PG, MPEG other than WAV. It provides the highly portable feature so that you can download the files on your mobile, tablets, PC, IPAD and any other devices which are compatible with WAV. TO use this, you have to login on their site. The downloading speed is also comparatively not so good. One thing more it also doesn’t provide so user-friendly features. If you want to download videos on you any other devices, then it can be a good choice for you but if you are looking for fast conversion then try any other Converter.

You can use this online Converter by following the given link:


This is another converter for Convert YouTube to WAV, which doesn’t need any installation process so no wastage of time. It supports formats like WAV, MPEG, FLV, MP3 and MP4 formats and also supports both audio and video files. The outstanding feature of this converter is it provides unit converter feature and also file storage option. It also provides an option by which you can also watch videos online. A great option for users who want to convert many numbers of videos. In the drawback list first one it supports only minimum formats. Also, the issue with the downloading speed, it is also not up to the mark. You can try it if you don’t want to install any software on your system.

You can use it by using the below link:

These are some great converter you can use any one as per your choice to convert YouTube videos into WAV format. If you have any query feel free to ask here.

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