Best Cyanogenmod Themes of 2017 to Personalize User Experience

Cyanogenmod Themes 2017 : CyanogenMod is one of the most popular third-party ROM of all time or Android. People purchase phones with all the sole purpose of rooting them and installing CyanogenMod. One of the big reasons for this is the thorough number of styles available using CM’s design engine that will be anything you can’t find anywhere else. CyanogenMod offers an awesome user interface with all the custom features to extend user experience. One of the biggest advantages of using CyanogenMod ROMS is CyanogenMod Themes. There are thousands od CyanogenMod Themes are available for Android Smartphones names as CM 12 Themes, CM 11 Themes and more.

Don’t confuse themes with launchers here, as CyanogenMod themes are implemented systemwide, and they redesign all of the components of the software, be it a status bar, notifications, navigation bar, fonts as well as start animations. It’s one of unique attributes in most of Android and helps with customization. Within this roundup, we’ll go through the best CyanogenMod subjects by a developer. Each designer has at least several great designs worth checking out!

CyanogenMod Themes

CyanogenMod Themes

Best CyanogenMod Themes of 2017 to Personalize User Experience

CyanogenMod will be the most popular custom ROM for Android, and there is always a quantity of factors behind its success. One of the most beloved attributes from the ROM is its support for subjects.

Among the best feature of Cyanogen is its Concept engine. It lets you customize nearly every single issues of the OS. With nearly large varieties of themes designed for Cyanogen OS, CyanogenMod & Other cm based ROMs, it difficult to seek out every design. We couldn’t gather every theme, but we have mentioned all of the famous & best CM themes. We have organized designs as per their feature, layout, charge & we’ve also mentioned Superhero CM designs available till date. We are going to mention almost all Free, Settled CM Styles. All the designs are compatible with all i.e., CM 12, CM 12.1, CM 13 based ROMs. If you don’t know how to use this design, you could be employing an LOW-CM/CyanogenOS ROM.

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We’ve attempted to create almost all the popular, highly rated, Best Cyanogenmod (CM) themes. These CyanogenMod Themes 2017 are easy to install. We are not promoting any themes by any means. The design of themes is wholly Random & it doesn’t state the rating of any subjects. To Use some of CyanogenMod 12 Themes, just download it from Playstore, Goto Cyanogen’s Theme Chooser App & select the downloaded theme. Most of the under themes with assist any CyanogenOS, CyanogenMod and cm-based custom ROMs like Resurrection Remix, Pacman, AICP, SlimRoms and more.

1. Dark Material

Dark Material may be one of the most widely used dark themes available for CM13, adds overlays to many of the most popular 3rd party applications to create a single look all across the OS. It is definitely not dark all over, we certainly like the dull-dark infusion throughout the interface. It provides its pair of symbols but when you like Android’s indigenous types more, you’re able to install its Regression+ model.

Install: (Free)

2. Material Glass – Cyanogenmod Themes 2017

Material Glass theme style keeps everything is clear, so that you see the picture from the homescreen in most software and application. Basically, you are able to set any lovely wallpaper you like which can be a part of every page in the OS.

Material Glass CyanogenMod theme

Install: (Free)

3. Swift Dark – Best Cyanogenmod 13 Theme

Swift Dark is a highly popular black theme for CM13, produces a more cleaner Dark search throughout the UI. Also, it provides a nice balance between Black and colorful elements in the OS.

Install: (Paid $1.60)

4. Coalfield

Coalfield provides a distinctive design to process elements and styles numerous alternative party applications but why is it be noticeable is it includes consumers an array of different topic options to pick from. You may also check out another awesome concept dubbed Outray in the same developer.

Install: (Paid $0.99)

5. Euphoria

Euphoria may seem such as a regular black mod for CyanogenMod but why is it special is the fact that the designer has ensured to style just unique components, which provide a more sophisticated search. It has amazing font collection.

Install: (Free)

We have listed top 5 best and widely used Best Cyanogenmod 13 Themes, Cyanogen Themes Store, Cm13 Themes Apk and Best Cyanogenmod 12 Themes. If you want to share your best CyanogenMod Themes then comment below. We will update this article.

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