Destiny PVP Online Multiplayer Gameplay Information

Everyone already knows that Destiny is going to be a huge game since it has been revealed that over $500 million dollars are being invested throughout the production of this game.

The real question is what will the PVP online competitive gameplay be like, and unfortunately, that is what is being withheld the most from us.

I want some more concrete details to be released, but Destiny is somewhat leaving us in the dark. There are some statements that have been made by Bungie employees to encourage the positive outlook I am maintaining throughout the beta stage.

They have said that they will not “nickel and dime” their loyal players and while they haven’t denied the notion of micro transactions, they did let us know that there won’t be any “pay for power” transactions available out there.

With the fact that there will be exotic weapons out there, it makes it reassuring to know that someone won’t be able to just pay for it after you have searched countless hours for your prize.

Destiny PVP Online Multiplayer Gameplay

With that being said, it seems like the focus of Destiny Game will be to optimize your specific character to the best of its abilities to perform well in the PVP competitive arena.

Some details of the multiplayer have been released, and there are some similarities between Destiny’s format compared to Halo. In Halo, the main points of interested always centered around the “power weapons” of the map. This included rockets, the over shield, the active camo, and the snipers. Sometimes there were other power weapons like the spartan laser, shotgun, or sword, but the point is the fact that there was always common points on the map for people to crowd in search of the power weapon.

While this is going to change with Destiny, the basic principles will remain the same. We know that in Destiny you will be able to carry 3 weapons. A pistol, main weapon, and a power weapon is what will be allocated to each player to start a PVP match. The difference is, instead of searching for the actual power weapon itself in Destiny, you will be searching for the ammo to add to the weapon you are already carrying. This means you will have your unique weapon to start off each match, but you will still need to find the ammo to add to it. This is what will keep people from camping certain maps, although we have no insight into how the competitive PVP match making will work yet.

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