Run 2 Whatsapp in 1 Phone – Dual Whatsapp Apk 2017

WhatsApp is now one of the most popular and widely used social messaging application available for Android, iOS, Windows Phones, and Laptops. Till now, Billions of users around the world are using WhatsApp Application to interact with each other. WhatsApp allows users to send or receive Images, Videos, Documents, Contacts, or Location. People are nowadays becoming a Whatsapp addicted. Today in this article, we will share how to use Dual WhatsApp Account in Android in 2017. There are many 3rd party application that allows users to use Multiple WhatsApp Account in Android and Windows Computers.

Today I’ll show you how will you Dual Whatsapp Apk in the single Android phone and How to Use 2 Whatsapp in Dual Sim Phone. Whatsapp tricks are much preferred these days, one of them is Dual Whatsapp. These days I am 100% sure that you have tried many means of install 2 WhatsApp, and you also didn’t get success yet, Don’t fear, with this guide you will able to perform multiple WhatsApp accounts in the same android phone. These days, we use dual sim phones- One for the beloved wife/partner and other for the X or Office. 😀

But we have Whatsapp installed on our smartphone. Whatsapp has become part of everyone’s life. What if you want to use both mobile numbers in WhatsApp and you have the single Android device. Don’ t worry. Today we are going to share one useful guide on How to use Dual WhatsApp Account in Android and PC.

Dual Whatsapp Apk

Dual Whatsapp Apk

Run 2 Whatsapp in 1 Phone – Dual Whatsapp Apk 2017

Many methods To Install 2 WhatsApp on the Same Android phone in 2017 are returning to be useless, but we’re giving quite accurate ways to Install Combined WhatsApp on the Same Android phone, which is described on this page – The Various Techniques To Install Two WhatsApp for a passing fancy Phone without Any challenge! Today we have an answer to set up 2 Whatsapp on the same Android phone, and that means you may use 2 Whatsapp bill on the same Android phone without switching between them. One can also install 2 WhatsApp on simple sim android phone or install 2 WhatsApp on seamless Android phone/tablet. Which can make your tasks easier.

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Get 1000% working Dual Whatsapp 2017 apk to use Dual Whatsapp within your mobile. Today we are discussing the operating tips to run 2 Whatsapp account in 1 phone include ogWhatsapp trick 2017. As we all know individuals are finding approaches to using multiple Whatsapp bill in 2 sim mobile. In Tricksinsider, we’re today introducing the multiple tricks for multiple Whatsapp account. There are lots of programs available on the web for Dual Whatsapp, but the majority of are fake. Here we’ve released a few of the best tricks which can be 100% working. We routinely check and changes the working trick for dual Whatsapp. Currently performing tips for 2 Whatsapp includes ogWhatsapp, Parallel place – multiple accounts, and go Whatsapp.

How To Use 2 WhatsApp [Without Root] On Same Android Smartphone

If you should be searching for something which could install Dual Whatsapp Apk on the single Android phone. Most of the user are searching just how to install dual Whatsapp or just how to run Whatsapp two accounts. Don’t worry. As we are showing how to use dual Whatsapp bill in a single Android phone. We will discuss two working methods to run Dual Whatsapp accounts within an Android phone. As using two Whatsapp bill in a dual sim android phone is just a fantasy from the very long time which we’ve chosen to disclose today. Therefore, if you would like to operate Whatsapp on dual sim phone, then we have a functional trick for you or in other words, we’re discussing Whatsapp dual sim trick. Run 2 Whatsapp in a single Android phone is among most searched term more recently. Many people are searching for how to use two Whatsapp in one android phone. As WhatsApp is one of most used cultural messenger nowadays. Don’t worry once we will list way of two Whatsapp records using one phone in Android OS.

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I will be revealing two common programs for a reason for Dual Whatsapp Apk –  So, guys, I will be covering in-depth information on WhatsApp and 2 lines for Whatsapp for a reason for combined Whatsapp. From past times, We were getting many emails regarding Dual Whatsapp that just how to use two Whatsapp in Android telephone or just how to setup combined Whatsapp, etc. Below, we are going to number three techniques to manage two Whatsapp accounts on one phone without root.

Benefits of using Two Whatsapp Accounts in One Android device

  • No need to Root your android device
  • No absolute error like OG WhatsApp
  • It works very smoothly
  • The latest APK is updated
  • Whatsapp calling feature is pre activated
  • Material design
  • Hide last seen like WhatsApp Plus
  • No limit on file sharing
  • Includes MOD and better locking system inside
  • Anti-ban feature
  • Updated new designs with some of its bug fixes

In this post, we are covering multiple methods essentially to set up multiple Whatsapp bill in one single android phone for free. Each of strategies that are listed here is professionally examined by a team of Tricksinsider, and I hope these programs of dual Whatsapp consideration will continue to work for you also. Basically, in this post, we are discussing working methods manage Dual Whatsapp in one android phone.Most of the android people possess a dual-sim, but Whatsapp permits only one account for an instant message there are numerous guides for adding modded Whatsapp which support for managing multiple accounts like WhatsApp, OGWhatsapp plus and more.

What Is Parallel Space?

Parallel Space is an Android app which allows one to manage multiple records of any application simultaneously on the individual Android phone. With parallel space, you can generate the combined bill of any application. Like you can install two Whatsapp, two Instagram, two Fb, two Snapchat and multiple records of any game.

Requirements to Run Dual Whatsapp Apk on One Phone

Least Requirements to Run Dual WhatsApp Account or Activate Many Numbers on Same Android Smartphone are:

  • At least 512Mb RAM
  • More than 200 Mb of Storage
  • Two or More Mobile numbers which are required to verify WhatsApp to
  • Install Two Whatsapp on the same Android device. Check out the listed methods for Dual WhatsApp 2017 easily

If you search on Google for Dual WhatsApp, you will find many tricks to use Dual WhatsApp account in Android and iOS devices if you are using Dual SIM. Also, there are many other 3rd party apps are there that allow users to use Dual WhatsApp Apk on single Android phone and tablets. Here our team has found and made some of the best working dual WhatsApp apk. These WhatsApp tricks are 100% working and if you need any help then feel free to comment below.

1.  OGWhatsApp

OGWhatsapp is one of the best working application for Android users that allow users to use Dual WhatsApp on Single Android phone. This is the easiest way for using 2 WhatsApp account.

  • First, take the full backup of your messages and data
  • Clear WhatsApp data
  • Go to /sd card/WhatsApp folder and rename it to /sd card/OGWhatsApp
  • Now uninstall Official WhatsApp application from your Android device.
  • Install OG WhatsApp apk latest version 2017 and setup it normally. Give the old number which you have installed in official
  • Whatsapp earlier and press Ok.

  • For the second number to use, you need to download official Whatsapp application
  • Insert your new second number and setup account.
  • That’s it.

2. Parallel Space – Multi Accounts

Parallel space is an advanced application for Android that allow users to two WhatsApp Account in a Single device. Not only WhatsApp but you can use any application you want in multiple mode. You can use multiple instagram account or multiple facebook account or anything.

How To Use Parallel Space For Two Whatsapp Account?

  • Download parallel space application. Open it and click on + icon
  • Select WhatsApp icon from the list
  • Enter the secondary number and verify it in this new WhatsApp
  • That’s it. Now you can use two WhatsApp Apk on a single Android device.

3. GBWhatsapp

GBWhatsapp is also a popular Application that allows users to install dual WhatsApp Apk 2017 on a single Android phone so that users can use two WhatsApp. GBWhatsapp is the app which is being used by many people. Here is how to install it and use it.

  • First, download the GBWhatsapp apk file from below given download links. GBWhatsApp
  • Simple install the Gb WhatsApp apk on your mobile phone.
  • Setup a new account and Verify Number.
  • Now you are good to go.

Well, You are done with the dual WhatsApp accounts in one Android device. If any issues are raised during the installation, let us know in comments. We have mentioned all 3 best way to install Dual WhatsApp Apk on Android smartphone and tablets. We will update this guide with more tricks and tips to use 2 Whatsapp in 1 iPhone and two WhatsApp in single Android phone in 2017.

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