How to Download Facetime For Android – Facetime Alternatives

Today we will Find out how to get Facetime For Android; nowadays Facetime is not limited only to iPhone users as it was a couple of years ago. At the moment we have the only app which lets you do Facetime video chat without having the latest mind boggling expensive iPhone or iPad. It’s currently in Our Beta-test and is available only for select few people, if you would want to apply for beta testing, please comment below to get access, and I will forward you the apk download link Shortly! Now let’s look at the best alternative apps which are just as good as original Facetime app.

Download Facetime For Android

Facetime For Android is certainly a very useful app. However, as shown above, there are many viable alternatives if you aren’t using Apple. These alternatives all have their merits and can be a very passable substitute for FaceTime, giving you the option of video calling.

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How to Download Facetime For Android

The only negative for Viber is that it can’t do Facetime chats with IOS users hence if you need Facetime for the android app you can use our newly developed one. We plan to publicly release our Facetime for the android version at the start of June 2016, If you would like to become a beta tester and get your hands on a copy of our Facetime app. Just comment below, and I will send you the link for apk download which you can install on your phone directly and call IOS users from your android device without having to own an IOS Device!

1. Google Hangouts

If you are looking for the best alternative for facetime for android versions than the first place must go to Google Hangouts, It’s smooth, fluid, and uses less data than other networks. Not only that but it’s linked to your google ID, so you don’t have to spend time by creating a new account as with others, you can just open it and call your loved ones. Google has its video calling application that is a worthy alternative to FaceTime.

2. Skype

Everyone must know the skype; it started out as a desktop software which also did as a mobile phone version after smartphones became much more popular. It has decent video and calls quality, but the overall app is laggy, Heavy, uses lots of data and is just a Pain to sometimes use especially with them constantly pushing new updates on us whatever we want to or not. Why is it still number 2?

Well because Everyone in the world uses skype so you can reach pretty much everyone on skype network. One of the most recognized and popular video calling applications available across pretty much all platforms. Skype provides a very similar service to FaceTime regarding video calling and has additional features such as instant messaging and the ability to voice call regular numbers.

3. Viber

Viber first started as a text-only messaging app, but as it was one of the first apps in this market, it soon becomes popular and so was improved dramatically once it gained market share. Viber is well known for just being fluid and smooth as well as easy to use hence it’s success, after all when it was built it was specially built for mobile phone users as their target group not desktop users as the other apps.

Viber is another useful alternative for those unable to use FaceTime. The account is completely free to set up but is limited in as much as you can only make calls to people that use Viber, and the user base is not the size of Skype or Facetime.

4. Tango

Tango is another viable option for those without the facility to use FaceTime. Tango is free and incorporates features such as video calling, voice calling, and texting. Similar to the other apps listed, it is free and only requires a WiFi connection. A neat little extra available with Tango is that it allows you to play games with other users while also chatting simultaneously.

5. OoVoo

OoVoo is slightly different to the other alternatives offered above in that its used only to connect with Facebook friends. This is a slight limitation, but it still offers video calling, voice calling, texting and even video conferencing with up to two friends. Worthy of consideration.

You can get the FaceTime Android Apk simply by visiting and then clicking – buy now – it will then direct you to another screen, and you will see another button – view in Mac app store – you will click that, and then it will redirect you the app store where you click to buy. Once you buy it, you will be prompted to put in your i.d and your password if you are not already logged in, and then it should download and pop up automatically.

The Facetime For Android is a great fun way to stay in touch with friends and families.Flying cars may not have been invented yet like they were promised, but video calling is here, and it is no longer for the rich. You can get for a very low price if your iPhone or computer does not have it. Go and download your FaceTime app today so you can catch up with that person you have not talked to in months.

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