Fix Skype Problem With Recording Device

Skype is the commonly used medium of communication. But nothing sucks when it started showing an issue while recording device. Users are still experiencing this issue now and then. In this article, we’re going to address some of the common problems and share suggestions on how to fix Skype Problem With Recording Device and Skype Problem With Recording Device Windows 10.

Most common issue is the microphone which mainly contributes to the Skype recording difficulty where one party doesn’t hear from the different side. Calling family or friends on Skype conserves a large amount of your cash. But if you discover that Skype isn’t working as well as the second you’re attempting to make a call; the call is hanged up and giving you a message problem on the recording device. It’s annoying – we understand that. Some users said the issue once or twice and then disappeared. Nonetheless, many people said they are constantly facing this problem. We’re going to share some easy steps which will help you get rid of the matter. Many users have posted that after Windows 10 update, Skype Says Problem With Recording Device.

Fix Skype Problem With Recording Device

Skype Problem With Recording Device Windows 7 with Recording Device Windows 10. In the event you have upgraded your system from any variant of Windows 7 or 8.1 afterward you might confront this dilemma. I was facing this problem once I connect the headset with my notebook. Without a headset, the system functioned well. There can be numerous reasons behind this issue.

Solving Skype Microphone Problem

  • First, you need to test if your microphone is working perfectly. So before applying any mentioned solutions, make sure that your microphone is working fine.
  • Checking your Microphone
  • No matter the type of PC you are using, first check if the inbuilt mic is muted. If you are using the wireless mic.
  • Making a test call
  • Make a Skype test call to test for any internal error. When calling the Echo123, make sure you record your message, and if you get to hear your message, then your microphone is correctly configured.

Solving Windows Audio Settings Problem

If you have a problem with your windows audio settings, follow the below steps:

  • Go to the start menu and search Sound.

  • The dialogue box will open and proceed to the recording tab

  • See the Microphone HD Audio device and double click then select the General tab to see if the microphone is enabled or not.
  • On the levels tab, set the microphone level to 100% and the microphone boost to 0.0 and click apply.
  • Now go to Skype window and follow the following steps:

  • If you make a Skype test call and fail to hear your voice, then you should get the message saying Problem with the recording device.
  • Go to Tools option and set the volume high or just tick the box below to automatically adjust the microphone volume settings.
  • Call Echo123 again, and if you hear your voice, then you are done.
  • Your Skype recording problem should be solved.

Method 2

  • Run the FixIT tool for Skype. It will automatically fix many problems such as:
  • The audio device is not plugged in.
  • You have mistakenly muted the audio.
  • The speaker volume is low because your audio device’s volume is set very low.
  • The installed audio device has not been set as the default playback and audio device. There are more things that get fixed by this tool.
  • After running the Fixit tool, make a test call, here are the steps for that:

We hope you liked this article on How to fix Skype Problem With Recording Device, fix Problem With Recording Device Skype, Skype Recording Device Error and Problem With Recording Device Skype Fix. If you need any help, then comment below.

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