How to Contact Donald Trump on Twitter, Facebook or using Email in 2017

Ever wonder how to contact Donald Trump? Donald Trump is among the most well-known property developers within the United States. Donald Trump is promoting both residential and professional property, including many Trump Towers in various towns plus some ritzy hotels. He was also presented on NBC’s “The Apprentice.” so just how would you contact Donald Trump? In this article, we will tell you How to find Donald Trump Campaign Mailing Address, Donald Trump Office Phone Number, and Donald Trump Home Address,

By next year, the solution could be through the Whitehouse. For now, you may contact Donald Trump h through his private Facebook consideration (@realDonaldTrump – he so famously uses.  You may also visit in the Trump International Structure (NY) and have a possibility that you might experience the person there.

If you like to speak about the company, calling him through his main business range at (212) 832-2000 or giving him a fax communication at (212) 935-0141, are your best choices. That is also your very best guess if you like to use to get work with his company. DO you know how to email Donald Trump and contact trump (email Donald Trump)?

how to contact donald trump

How to contact Donald Trump 2017

Visiting his site ( and making a note through the contact form is another means of getting in touch with Donald Trump. And an open letter was once delivered to through this contact channel by the Christian Science Monitor, to ensure that should be a successful solution.

You can also check how to contact Donald Trump on Twitter. Creating a writer and giving it the old-fashioned could also work. Send one to notice to Donald Trump (Chairman, President, and CEO). You can add: d/o The Trump Company with address, 725 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY 10022 USA. It is important to ensure that your letter is professionally published; in clear handwriting (if not entered from a computer) and error-free. Obviously, if snail mail is possible, mail is also a good way to contact Donald Trump. You may send your email to Knowing everyone who understands Donald Trump personally, a personal release will be nice. You can also

Being the new President of the USA makes Donald Trump among the most influential people on this planet; after all, he’ll oversee the strongest country in the world. An easy and easy approach to obtaining a message from this man is by going public or through the media.

Donald Trump’s contact information

You can contact Donald Trump through The Trump Organization. Their address is shown as 725 Fifth Avenue in Nyc, New York, 10022. The Trump Organization’s phone number is shown as (212) 832-2000. However, there is a disclaimer shown on the site saying that Donald Trump won’t be forwarded any unsolicited mail, telephone, or fax requests. Check Donald Trump Campaign Headquarters Address.

Another strategy to contact Donald Trump would be to contact among his many hotels, residential buildings, or companies he either owns or holds a stake in. Trump Entertainment Accommodations are his distinct casinos. The address is 1000 Boardwalk at Virginia Avenue in Atlantic City, Nj, 08401. The contact number is (800) 777-1177. This is a Donald Trump Campaign Mailing Address.

Another good spot to contact will be the Trump University. Here you can learn the rules of investing in real estate. The address is 40 Wall Street, 32nd Floor, NY, NY, 10005. The device number for customer care with Trump University is (888) 826-5953. Hope you liked this article on Donald Trump email address and Donald Trump email.

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