Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts Every Kodi User Should Know

Most people are aware of using arrow keys, Esc (Previous Menu or Property Screen), Backspace (Again), and Enter (Select) to navigate through XBMC. Without protecting those, here are some XBMC keyboard settings that can help you out while watching movies or hearing music.

Kodi Keyboard Commands and Shortcuts

This theme is often questioned but rarely addressed. What are the keyboard commands for Kodi? When using a normal remote control, we drop a whole lot of control over different features in Kodi that could only truly be realized by utilizing either a full keyboard or perhaps a little keyboard remote. This information is obviously available at the http://kodi.tv wiki, but we are going to put it out here for the customers and visitors.

Keyboard Shortcut List

This graphic is just a quick reference sheet, the entire controls are stated more below within this post. This image was got from the kodi.Tv community where the poster used this image as being a custom background in his skin for easy-reference right-on his Television screen.

Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts

Kodi (earlier known as XBMC) is one strong, open source media player which is developing a lot of popularity nowadays. Kodi has come a long way since its original launch in 2002, thanks to the lively group without which we wouldn’t have experienced it grow the way it’s, in last several years. It’s only due to the efforts of town, Kodi now supports majority of products including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Raspberry Pi, etc. Also, It helps over 70 languages and has a huge catalogue of free Kodi add-ons for movie fans, sports fans, live Television lovers, etc.

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Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts Every Kodi User Should Know

Having said that, there’s a lot of place for customization too. As an example, there are lots of Kodi cases available for one to set the sense of the media center according to your taste. It’s up to an individual how they wish to use it. As I earlier mentioned, Kodi is one powerful software, It definitely is. If you have been using Kodi for some time, or have just installed it on your own system, you need to know about Kodi Keyboard commands that will help accelerate the process and can further enhance the user experience.

If you’re using Kodi having a system that’s a keyboard, you may as well make the most of the easy Kodi keyboard shortcuts 2017 that may certainly make your Kodi expertise feel more normal. You might not use all of them, but there are absolutely a couple of Kodi keyboard shortcuts that people anticipate you’ll find helpful. Whether you’re using Kodi on your computer, home theater PC, or Android TV box using a Bluetooth keyboard, keyboard shortcuts will let you flick through Kodi even faster.

1. Toggle between Fullscreen and Windowed Mode

Shortcut Key: \

By using this keyboard shortcut, one can easily toggle from full screen to windowed mode.

2. Audio delay control

Shortcut Key: A

Sometimes audio and video of a particular video doesn’t sync well.

3. Fast forward

Shortcut Key: F

If you want to skip a particular part of a movie or a music video, simply press F key. Alternatively, you can use right arrow key to forward the video 30 seconds.

4. Play

Shortcut Key: P

Pressing ‘P’ will start the video.

5. Stop

Shortcut Key: X

To stop a particular video, just press ‘X’ key.

6. Rewind

Shortcut Key: R

If you love a particular scene of a movie or a music video, simply press ‘R’ key to rewind back. Alternatively, you can use the left arrow key to rewind the video 3o seconds.

7. Toggle Subtitles On/Off

Shortcut Key: T

If you want to turn subtitles on/off for a movie or a video, just press ‘T’. However, Subtitles settings must be properly configured before trying this shortcut.

8. Previous Menu or Home Screen

Shortcut Key: Esc

If you want to go back to a previous menu or want to go back to the home screen, just press ‘Esc’ key. It will save you from multiple clicks.

9. Take A Screenshot

Shortcut Key: Ctrl + S or Prt Sc

If you want to take a screenshot of what’s playing on your Kodi media center, just press Ctrl+S.

If you wish to take a printout of the screenshot, you can easily do so since it is available in ready to use printable format.

10. Volume Down, Volume Up or Mute

Shortcut Key: – (minus), + Plus

For decreasing volume of a video, just press ‘-‘ key and for increasing the volume, press ‘+’ key.

If you want to mute a video completely, press ‘-‘ key multiple times so that the volume becomes zero.

11. Shutdown Menu

Shortcut Key: S

Just press the ‘S’ key. It will give you an option for exiting Kodi with just one click.

12. Pause / Play

Shortcut Key: Space bar

For playing/pausing a particular video, all you have to do is to hit the space bar.

13. Zoom / Aspect Ratio

Shortcut Key: Z

If you wish to adjust the aspect ratio of a video according to its resolution, just press the Z key.

Kodi Shortcuts For Pictures

14. Zoom Picture From Level 1 to level 9

Shortcut Key: 1-9

Pressing numerical keys from 1-9 will zoom the images in increasing order.

15. Next Picture

Shortcut Key: period

You can browse through images without having to use your cursor. Just press ‘.’ key and you can scroll to the next image.

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