Fix msvcp100.dll Missing or Not Found Error in Windows 10

Many applications that run on our system requires other files to run themselves. In case if these files are not present on your system then programs dependent on these files also doesn’t run. A suitable example of this can be seen as msvcr100 dll missing error. Dynamic Link Library or DLL files are used by many applications and programs like Adobe suite programs.

What is msvcp100.dll file??

MSVCP100.dll file is a part of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package, which is used by many application programs made with Visual C++.In case if this file is missing from your system then the programs which need this file will start showing an error message and unable to complete the task.

The error messages displays when msvcr100 dll missing are:

  1. “This application failed to start because Msvcp100.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.” error
  2. Msvcp100.dll not found.” Error
  3. “Msvcp100.dll access violation.” error
  4. “The file Msvcp100.dll is missing.” Error
  5. “Cannot find Msvcp100.dll.” error
  6. “Cannot register Msvcp100.dll.” error

When you receive messages like this, it means msvcr100 dll missing from your PC.

Reasons behind msvcr100 dll missing file

  1. You accidentally delete the msvcr100.dll file from your device.
  2. The problem with your windows registry.
  3. A hardware Failure can also lead your system to this issue.
  4. The presence of some infected files or programs.

These can be the reason why msvcr100 dll missing error occurred on your system. To solve this issue, you have to fix the component which is creating this issue.

How to fix msvcr100 dll missing error

Here are some useful fixes which may help you in fixing msvcr100 dll missing error on your device. Just follow all the steps carefully to solve this error.

Method 1 – Manually install msvcp100.dll file

If you are having error message like “Cannot find Msvcp100.dll.” the issue of msvcr100 dll missing file and want to fix this, follow the methods provided here. So this is the simplest of all the methods, you just have to download msvcp100 dll free download windows 7 on your system. If msvcp100 dll missing, download it for free.

To install msvcp.dll manually on your system follow the steps:

Step1. Download Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package on your system

Step2. Install the file on your system

Step3. Close all the tabs after installing msvcp.dll file on your system.

Step4. After closing all the tabs now restart your device.

Now check if the file is installed at right folder. One point you have to keep in mind when you are downloading msvcr.dll file is that always download the right copy of the file. That’s is download that file which not infected by any virus attack. Isn’t it is easy just download and install the package and free from all these critical errors?

Method 2 – Check Recycle bin for recovery file

If msvcr100 dll missing from your system then it may be possible that you accidentally deleted that file from your system. First, check the folder and make sure that the file is not there. If you are sure that msvcr100 dll missing so now look for the file in recovery bin. If you find the file in recovery bin, you can easily recover it from there. It is a simple method, and you don’t have to perform so many actions just go to recovery bin locate the file and click on recovery option. That’s it. If msvcp100.dll is not in recycle bin, then msvcp100 dll download windows 10 download it, to fix this error.

Method 3 – Check for windows updates and install them

The next easy and helpful way which will help you in getting rid of all these errors. Check for all the available updates and install all the updated software which will also update Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package and msvcr100 dll missing will automatically be updated. With this, all other software are also updated.

Step1. Open setting on your system. from setting tap on change PC setting.

Step3. Click on Update and Recovery option.

Step4. Click on Windows Update.

Step5. Now click on Check now option to check all available updates.

Step6. Install all the available updates.

Step7. After installation process gets completed, restart your system.

After restart, you will see msvcp100 dll missing download on your system, with all the updated version of the software. As a good suggestion always reboot your device when you install any software on your PC.

Method 4 – Perform a Virus Scan

You should always check virus or Malware infection on your device. It will save you from all the useless efforts of trying every method. It will scan your device and check all the files and programs. After the checking process gets completed, it will show you the infected files and programs if it found so. If it shows any corrupted file or program, on your device repair them or delete them to save your system from all the critical errors.

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Method 5 – Perform a Registry cleanup

If you find that there is a problem in the Windows registry and it is creating msvcp100 dll missing error on your device, then you need to edit the Windows Registry of your device. This will fix all your issue generated by Windows registry. You can try this method, but before making any changes be careful and check twice that if this change can affect your system’s performance.

Method 6 – Re-installation of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistribution Package

If all the methods didn’t work for you then you have to reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Redistribution Package on your system, by reinstalling the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistribution Package a fresh copy of the msvcp.dll file will also download on your device and the error can be easily solved.

Step1. Open control panel on your system.

Step2. You have to locate Programs on the control panel, choose view by category option it will help in locating it easily.

Step3. Now select Uninstall a program option.

Step4. Locate the Microsoft Visual C++ programs on that list, and select them to uninstall them.

Step5. Download the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistribution Package latest version which is compatible with your system, and install it on your system.

Step6. After completing the installation process. Restart your system.

After restarting you will see the msvcp.dll file will be downloaded with Microsoft Visual C++ Redistribution Package on your system. But at the time of downloading package make sure you are downloading the right package for instance if you are using Windows 10 then msvcp100 dll download Windows 10 on your device.

These are some helpful methods that work for different users. If all these methods didn’t work for you and you are still facing error messages like msvcp100 dll missing pes 2017 or msvcp100 dll missing windows 8 then the last option for you is to perform a clean reinstallation of Windows on your system, it will resolve all your issues. But before doing that take a full backup of all your valuable data and programs as in the process of reinstallation chance of data loss increases.

These are some simple and easy methods to help you in msvcp100 dll missing free download process. We hope this article help you in fixing the msvcp.dll missing error. If you have any issues in any method, write to us below in the comment section. Thank you for Reading.

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