Top 5 Pokemon Ex Cards – Shadow Lugia Card

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is an addictive destination, whether you’re a Pokemon fan who collects cards for their wonderful artwork or a hardcore match player who wants to build decks.  You can easily check Pokemon Card Values and Pokemon Ex Cards 2017.

We each bought a Black and White themed deck, and my deck came with two basics that are very powerful. They don’t look to evolve but do serious damage and if they can get started with a few energy seem to wipe out the other Best Pokemon Cards as they step up. I’m talking about Giratina and Dunigan here. It seems only they can take care of each other. To make it worse, we each bought a tin to hold our cards and these each came with a Pokemon Mega Ex-Cards. Watch out! Sure you take two cards when they are defeated, but we’ve seen them knock out 4-6 Pokemon at a time.  Here Top 5 Pokemon Ex Cards, Pokemon Card Values, Pokemon Ex Cards and Mega Pokemon Cards.

Top 5 Pokemon Ex Cards

Top 5 Pokemon Ex Cards – Shadow Lugia Card

If you’re trying to find the best then you landed on proper place. Here are the top ten Pokemon cards. If you’re a significant collector, you need to have these incredible cards within your collection. You can share Mega Pokemon Cards, 10 Best Pokemon Cards, and Pokemon Mega Ex-Cards.

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1. Shadow Lugia

Shadow Lugia is a large card, meaning it’s illegal in any form of gameplay, but if you’re a collector, the card is just a sight to observe. Originally produced as a promotional card in the Nintendo World Store Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness launch event in Nyc on October 2, 2005, Shadow Lugia continues to be a drive to be reckoned with.

2. Rayquaza C Lv. X – Pokemon Cards Ex-Mega

Rayquaza is the best legendary Pokémon. It may just have 120-HP, but its attack is effective, doing 200 damage, which can be more than enough to get rid of most of your competition. The downside is the fact that it takes at the least three different power cards to use Remaining Blowup, but Rayquaza C Lv.

3. Charizard G Lv. X – Pokemon Cards Mega Ex

Charizard is a fantastic Pokémon. In fact, it’s a fan favorite, considering it’s a fire-breathing monster first generation beginning. X’s Poké-Energy allows him one to transfer power cards onto your Charizard, that will be great for setting up Malevolent Fire, which does a staggering 150 damage. Besides its combat prowess, this Charizard card is merely fairly to check out.

4. Armaldo EX

Inside the video gaming, Armaldo isn’t particular at all, in the Trading Card Game, it shines using an EX card. With 160 HP, Armaldo EX is a superb wall, staller and adversary, all in one package.

5. M Venusaur EX – Strongest Pokemon Card

Super evolutions are fun inside the Pokémon video gaming, but they’re just as good within the Trading Card Game, too. This Super Venusaur EX card may simply have one strike, but it’s a doozy. With 230 HP, it’ll be hard for the opponent to take M Venusaur EX down in a single hit, considering they get-one-free turn as soon as your Venusaur super grows.

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