Rar Password Unlocker for Windows, Mac and Android – How to Use

If you have forgotten RAR File Password then no need to worry. In this article, we are going to share some awesome Rar Password Unlocker Online tools to crack the password. These Rar Password Remover tools are powerful software allow users to unlock password protected RAR files. Free Rar password unlocker enable you to recover forgotten password for WinRar WinZip or 7Zip records with brute-force, masked brute-force, and dictionary attacks. Free Rar password unlocker can high speed recover password using advanced technology. It is a user friendly and powerful application.

To recover a forgotten password, just start this program, then choose the type of attack and press the check button. When the application has restored the password. For advanced users, they could build their dictionaries. The Rar Password Remover tool features a scan option to locate encrypted RAR archives whose specific site isn’t known. Three different scans can be executed such as full checking, scanning over process files or scanning targeting merely a particular area of the Computer. These Rar Password Unlocker Mac tools will check every possibility to recover password and unlock password protected RAR files.

Rar Password Unlocker

Rar Password Unlocker

Rar Password Unlocker for Windows, Mac and Android

RAR Password Unlocker is a security software package that enables users to recover use of RAR files passwords which were lost or forgotten. All RAR files are protected, along with the software gives people with three specific choices for recovering access to the records, all with different rates and targeted to accounts of unique strengths: Brute Force, Brute Force with individual-described Mask and Dictionary. The Brute Force option runs through all possible code sequences. With Brute Force with consumer-defined Mask, the user can set some parameters, such as password period, to reduce time. Finally, the Book selection assists the user to recover the code by working through different code combinations within the program’s dictionary. The full-time taken up to recover the password will depend on the length and energy of the code.

The Rar Password Unlocker Apk apps are also there. Just like Rar Password Unlocker tools, they will help Android users to unlock password protected files on Android, keeps logs of a task, and there’s a choice to shut down the computer after the process is completed.

Installation and use of this tool is extremely simple and online technical support is provided for consumers who run into problems. RAR Password Unlocker can be used with several types of Microsoft Windows and is free to get. Forgot passwords to open your RAR archives? RAR Password Unlocker is the better solution. It is an effective software to assist you to recover forgotten passwords from RAR archives made all versions of WinRAR and other instruments at high speed. With this RAR password recovery application, you can easily get back your RAR password through 3 code attack types: brute force, Brute-force with Mask and Dictionary attack.

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RAR Password Unlocker helps GPU acceleration and multicore processor to significantly increase your password recovery. Furthermore, the program might help you discover all code-protected RAR archive by scanning your Computer. And its Autosave function lets you resume RAR password recovery after end or trouble. In short, it’s a wonderful software to recover RAR password.

  • Support all RAR files created by any tools
  • Recover RAR password faster with SSE, etc.
  • Support multi-core CPU and GPU acceleration
  • 3 efficient password attack options available
  • Save password recovery process automatically

Rar Password Unlocker Key Features

  • Powerful WinRAR Recovery Tool
  • Quickly recover forgotten passwords from encrypted RAR archives
  • Unlock any password-protected RAR archive
  • Recover Fast with GPU & Multi-core CPU
  • Recover RAR password at high speed
  • 3 Efficient Password Attack Options including Brute-force Attack, Brute-force Attack with Mask and
  • Dictionary Attack.
  • Search for Encrypted Files
  • Auto -Save Recovery State – Stop and resume your password recovery process anytime.

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Remove Password from RAR File Online

Now you can remove or recover RAR file password online without any software. Follow these steps to unlock Rar Password online.

  • Go to Online Zip converter.
  • Browse your password protected rar file.
  • Now click on convert file.
  • Now it will first upload this file to its server and then convert into zip format and remove its password.
  • Now you can download this zip file without a password.
  • You have successfully removed RAR file password.

Remove RAR File password using Notepad

  • First, open your password protected RAR file with Notepad.
  • Now search for these keywords in the second line. And replace them with the word mentioned below.
  • Replace Ûtà with 5³tà’
  • Replace ’IžC0 with IžC0
  • Now save file and open it with WinRAR.

Hope you have successfully recovered Forgotten RAR password with the help of above method and tools. We have mentioned Rar Password Unlocker Online, Free Rar Password Unlocker For Mac and Rar Password Unlocker for Android. Comment below if you need any help.

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