Teamviewer Alternatives 2017: 7 Best Remote Desktop Software

Looking for the Free Teamviewer Alternatives or Best Remote Access Softwares for Windows and Mac computers? The remote desktop tool is very important to remotely connect to other computers and access their data and files. Remote Desktop Access is a great way to keep in touch with the files on your desktop and manage from any location. You can also share files using Free Teamviewer Alternatives For Windows. Teamviewer is one of the best Remote desktop client available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS operating systems. For developers, remote desktops are a great way to speed up the deployments and increase productivity.

Best Remote Access Softwares are high as the software allows complete access to a trusted machine – it’s a master key – and there hasn’t been a single response with teeth from TeamViewer. If you are using Teamviewer for a long and now you want to move to another Teamviewer Alternatives Free, then this article will help you with Windows Remote Desktop Connection.

Data centers are remotely configured using remote desktop applications and so are standard in industrial purposes. As the upsides to remote PC is too good to be ignored, the proper tools are essential for connecting along with your friends and family safe and guaranteed. Among the hottest and trusted Remote Desktop software is ‘Teamviewer’ and we are considering several solutions that better this software. Although Teamviewer is a helpful tool so you can get started on remote desktop, it doesn’t provide the ease and reliability estimated from such a tool.

Teamviewer Alternatives

Teamviewer Alternatives

Protection is one primary issue that creates many people to flock from Teamviewer, if not properly configured. Your system is straight place in threat if the regular user doesn’t manage the settings on this device appropriately. There are many Teamviewer Alternatives 2017 that you can use online but which one is the best and suitable for long term use with security and protection. Here we will list down top 5 Teamviewer Alternative for Android and iOS and Windows OS.

1. Windows Remote Desktop Connection – Teamviewer Alternatives 2017

Windows Remote Desktop Connection is just a free tool constructed into the Microsoft Windows Operating System, Final and Company types that offer fast and comprehensive access control over a remote Computer. Backed by Windows and MacOS X, Best Remote Access Software is simple, Easy To use and easy to set up that produces this tool an excellent fit for beginners and beginners, starting from a Rural desktop program. This setting might be used in the computer’s Method configurations, present in the control panel. The router of the remote PC has to be routed to the port 3389 to direct it to your PC. However, this instrument isn’t capable of controlling multiple PC handles at a time.


Produced by LogMeIn, is a premium online meeting and conference resource which allows multiple individuals from numerous areas connect with each other in the same moment, which is recognized by Windows and Mac OS X. provides unlimited sound, meaning anybody can join a call from any system, whether that’s web calling (VoIP) or phone lines. Additionally, it delivers saving, one click meeting scheduling, and phone numbers in 40 various places to aid worldwide conferencing. The paid types offers up to 250 individuals to hitch the assembly, and a speaker change allows individuals discuss their views over the delegates

As the service is free for basic VoIP, it is $15/mo for the Professional program and $19/mo for Company options with advanced gatherings and sophisticated management.

3. Splashtop – Best Remote Access tool

Splashtop delivers free and compensated rural desktop solutions for people and corporations alike. Splashtop is simple-to-use as soon as you see the issues with installation. Backed by Windows, OS X, Linux, Android and iOS, Splashtop Remote Computer access software gives quick contacts and multiple degrees of safety. You should use the instrument At No Cost if you are using it for personal applications on around 5 computers. Setting up the resource on your Windows or Mac and accessing remotely over your Android or ios-based cell phone is what Splashtop achieves fairly tremendously. There is minimum latency on audio and video-streaming, so that makes it easier for you to perhaps appreciate your press slightly.

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It is free for six months, from then on $1.99/month (Specific use) and $60/year per user for corporations.

4. Ammyy Admin – Teamviewer Alternatives Open Source

Ammyy Administrator is totally free, without headaches approach to gain remote sharing and remote desktop control option for both individuals and companies alike. Unlike large remote desktop software, the tool will come in like a little application under 1MB. In addition to remotely connecting towards the other program, you can also perform activities like file transfers and live chats. Reinforced by Windows, secure link and easy to handle application makes Ammyy Admin among the most favored free remote desktop customers.

While it is free for non-commercial uses, the Beginner, Advanced and Corporate registered tools are priced at $33.90, $66.90 and $99.90 respectively.

5. Real VNC

Real VNC is the best option for Teamviewer Alternative Mac. RealVNC supplies both free and paid variations of the Remote Desktop Client. The program is made up of server and customer application for your Online Network Computing (VNC) process to regulate another computer’s display remotely. Notably more complicated that setting up TeamViewer, RealVNC offers the reliability and functions like a cross-platform handheld remote control, VNC authentication, security, file transfer, collaboration methods and chat, to ensure that your remote link bodes well for that person on the other end of it. The cross-platform application enables you to join independently to some remote computer or also link numerous PC’s behind a public IP-Address.

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Supported OS – Windows, MacOS X, Linux, UNIX, Ubuntu, and Raspberry pi. The program is free for exclusive use, while it is $30 per desktop for Private Commercial Use and $44 per PC for Venture Use.

6. Ultra VNC – Alternatives To Teamviewer

UltraVNC is a free tool by the VNC feature that is created for systems based on Windows to remotely access additional techniques. It offers a straightforward setup process that gets you related in a matter of minutes. After the connection is set up, you can work on another remote system. This device also enables file-transfer which makes it a useful little free device for quickly building a rural association and having your work performed.

7. LogMeIn Pro

LogMeIn offers among the best remote desktop options for Windows and Mac OS X for folks and corporations. Despite the fact that the free version of LogMeIn was concluded recently, that doesn’t keep it from being stated as you of the best options to TeamViewer. Regardless of this, LogMeIn nevertheless acts as you of the best premium choices to TeamViewer with many crucial features like file transfer, audio, and video-streaming, whole remote access to transfer documents, printing documents to a nearby printer and share documents with collaborators. While priced significantly less than the TeamViewer app, LogMeIn offers characteristics that are non-existent in several remote desktop applications of its kind.

It’s $99/year for people (Access up to 2 computers), $249/year for smaller businesses with 5 computers and $449/year for Firms with 10 computers.

Hope you liked this article on Teamviewer Alternatives: 10 Best Remote Desktop Software and best remote desktop tools for Windows and Mac.

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