Fix There Is a Problem Parsing the Package Error

Most of us love Android phones and the availability of applications as well as the capability of Android OS to support various applications. Almost 90% of the Smartphone users all over prefer Android OS for their smartphones. Well, it is a perfect platform after all! But not that perfect because it has certain issues also. Want to know solve there is a problem parsing the package? Well, that is something for which you are here for. There are some errors that we have to face while performing certain basic functionalities and one such error we will be discussing in this article and the way to fix to parse the package problem along with solve there is a problem parsing the package.

In this article we will be discussing about Fixing Parsing the package error, parsing error meaning, how to Solve There is a Problem Parsing the Package, parsing package error saying, about the parse error android apk installer, parsing package download error, and all you need to know about how to solve there is problem parsing the package error.

Now, what is Parsing Error Meaning-

Talking about Parsing error meaning is the interruption caused in the process of analyzing the string of symbols during an android application installation. In simple words, when you are installing an application from an unknown source or maybe from play store, you can get this pop-up box with a message saying  “parse error There is a problem parsing the package” and you might also get to see the same error in parse error Android APK installer.

Fix There Is a Problem Parsing the Package Error

Fix There Is a Problem Parsing the Package Error

Fix There Is a Problem Parsing the Package Error

Well, this just means that the application you are trying to install on your Android phone cannot be installed due to the issue with the parsing. Sometimes this parse error apk installer is due to the modifications you may have made in the apps manifest file or due to the unknown source of transmission and so on. There are various reasons for the problem parsing the package error and many ways too there is a problem parsing the package.

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Reasons for the Parsing Error in your Android Phone

Before jumping on the crux topic of how to solve there is a problem parsing the package or the parse error Android APK installer, let’s have a look at the causes of this error. The parsing error occurs only when you are3 trying to install a new application on your mobile phone, but the reasons due to which the parsing package download is interrupted could be many. Some of the possible reasons are:

  1. The most basic cause for this error could be the incompatibility of the application with your device. It may be due to the model of the device you are using, or due to the version of your android.
  2. The APK file of the application you are trying to install may not be completely downloaded. The partially downloaded file cannot be useful for installing the application and hence can cause a parsing error.
  3. There is this possibility also that the application you are trying to install has corrupted apk file.
  4. Well, this cause is for those who love to alter things according to them or are curious to make some technical settings in their phones; well here you go wrong when you do modifications in the app manifest file. Yes, parse error may occur if you have made any changes in the app manifest file.
  5. Well, this error may also occur due to certain security issues also. Now one issue could be the lack of permission to install the app from unknown sources or due to a third party application blocking the application installation.

FIX There Is a Problem Parsing the Package Error

1. ENABLE APP INSTALLATION FROM UNKNOWN SOURCES: To get rid of parsing package download error, most of the smartphones have certain default settings done for security purpose, this setting disables the installation of any application from a third party provider, only the apps installed from the official play store can be installed. To enable the installation of the app from such sources you need to change certain settings, follow the steps to make changes:

  • Go to the settings icon in your phone
  • You will get a list of things and choose SECURITY from that list
  • In this, you will get to see certain options, one such options would be “unknown sources”, click o this option and then the security will be disables and now you can install those apps you wanted to.

Usually, it is not safe to install such apps that are from unknown sources, but if you read the terms and conditions of the app properly and have made sure that it will not harm your phone in any way, then you can make the above changes and install the required app. This method also fixes if there is a problem parsing the package Samsung Galaxy.

2. CHECK APP MANIFEST FILE IN YOUR PHONE: To solve there is a problem parsing the packageas I mentioned earlier that this will be the issue for only those people who like to mess with the default manifest file and have made modifications in the app manifest file. And if you are one of such people, and you have made certain modifications in the default app manifest file then you need to go back and try to restore the original file so that you can install the app you want to install. Androidmanifest.xml file is the app manifest file and while restoring back the original one, you need to make sure of certain things that are:

  • Make sure you retain all the changes you have made.
  • The name of the .apk file, if you have changed needs to be named back as it originally was.

Try installing the app after making these required changes I the app manifest file.

3. DISABLE ANTIVIRUS: The parsing error may also be caused due to the security software or apps that are running on your phone. All the .apk files that are untrusted by the antivirus in your phone won’t be able to install the app because they will be blocked by the antivirus. if you still want to install that particular app, you need to make sure that the antivirus you are using is uninstalled, temporarily, till you properly install the app.

Disable the antivirus and now try to install the app you were installing.

4. CHECK IF THE APK FILE IS CORRUPTED: The .apk file of the app that you are trying to install may be corrupted or may be partially downloaded; this may cause the parsing error. To solve there is a problem parsing the package, you need to download the fresh copy of the .apk file of that app and just make sure you download the complete file and then try to install the app.

If the error that was caused earlier was due to this problem, then it will surely be resolved now, and you can easily solve there is a problem parsing the package.

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5. CHECK APP COMPATIBILITY: The application that you are trying to install may not be compatible with the current version of your android phone, so what you can do here is upgrade your mobile phone’s Android version and now try to install the application you wanted to install. If the compatibility was the cause of the parsing error that occurred earlier, then now it will be solved.

 6. TRY DOWNLOADING FROM PLAY STORE: Sometimes when you are downloading the application from a website directly or from other sources, then you may get this parsing error stating that there is a problem parsing the package. Then what you need to do is, install that particular app from play store.

7. TRY USB DEBUGGING: It’s not usually required to debug the USB while installing an android application but then if you are facing the parsing error and none of the above solutions seems helpful than you can try to use this method. This may turn out to be useful. To enable USB debugging, follow the steps bellow and get rid of solve there is a problem parsing the package:

  • Go to settings
  • Tap o about phone
  • Tap seven times on Build Number
  • By following the above steps, you enable the developer option in your android phone.
  • You are a developer now- such message will pop up [.
  • Now again to settings, then developer options and tap on USB Debugging
  • USB debugging is now enabled.

8. CHECK FOR OLD VERSION: If your phone is incompatible with the current version of the app, and you can’t do anything to upgrade the app, then you just need to search for the older version of that app. Then install the older version and get your work done.

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All the methods mentioned above are helpful. Just try to know your problem, if possible and then go for the appropriate solution and I am sure the ways helped you circle your way out of solve there is a problem parsing the package.

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