Top 5 Best Epub Reader For Windows

Best Epub Reader For Windows – Reading vs. eReading — this has been a matter of enormous debate for some time, largely since eReading devices along with other answers could get into roots of lifestyle. Although some stick on the notion that the feel of holding books in hands is something irreplaceable, some prefer happening with the techy variant of reading knowledge, which offers comfortability and also other benefits. There is a number of best Epub Reader for Windows 10 available online that you can download online.

Nevertheless, it has to be noted that dedicated units aren’t needed, when you need to explore eReading but you can begin your eReading vacation out of your Pcs, Smartphones or Tablet PCs etc if you have appropriate applications with you.

Best Epub Reader For Windows

E-Books and e-book readers are probably one of best things for those who love reading. They don’t only let you carry too many books. Now readers can read thousands of books online in their smartphones and tablets. ePub is a digital file format meant for e-books, and here in this post, we’ve discussed some of the Epub Reader for Windows 10 online for free.

1. NOOK – Best Epub Reader For Windows

NOOK is a completely free eReading application for most platforms, including Windows 8! So, if you have a Windows 8.1-based computer along with you, you can get CORNER book reader from Windows Store, as well as the software comes from Barnes & Noble, one of many popular book retailers in the world. In addition to the function to import epub & PDF documents, CORNER has an integrated shop of publications, publications, papers, comics, etc. that you could buy (or perhaps read, if it is free) using Microsoft account. Distinctive features of NOOK include showing and color to catalyze book-reading in addition to an exceptionally impressive User interface. This is a Best Epub Reader For Windows 10.

Supported Platform: Windows 8.1
Price: Free

2. Icecream eBook Reader

Icecream eBook Reader can be an intuitive eBook reading option from Icecream Applications, and it could serve well as being a spot for saving your epub-based book files and studying them in an outstanding manner, with all comfortability required. It’s worth noting that the instrument weighs only 14.2 MB but has exceptional features for example support for different systems such as fb2, mobi, pdf, cbr and cbz aside from epub. Full-screen mode, bookmarks feature & night mode, etc. are some other features. If your memory is low then check Epub Reader for Windows 10.

Supported Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
Price: Free
Link –

3. Cover

Even though that Address is just a dedicated device for reading comic books, it will act as an acceptable guide reader that gives support for both epub and mobi files. Moreover, if you discover it to be your taste to learn comic books, you’ll find this resource anything just amazing, because the tailor made app has a lot of additional features. Furthermore, it’s to be noted that Cover works only correctly if-if you are utilizing a touch-enabled Windows product.

Aside from popular book systems, for example, PDF, EPUB, CBZ, RAR, CB7,, Address helps image-based publications too.

Supported Platforms: Windows 8.1
Price: Free (With-In-app Expenditures)
Link –

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4. Sumatra

Sumatra is also known as Sumatra PDF can be a small eBook reader that supports different eBook formats, for example, PDF, epub, mobi, XPS, CBZ, CBR, etc. As we said, ease of User interface is what makes Sumatra different from many eBook readers for sale in World Wide Web, and you may have the ability to possess a reading experience utilizing the application! The resource can be obtained equally like a standalone software plus a portable application that you could use on any Windows Computer without doing the installation.

Supported Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8 (Portable Model also available)
Price: Free
Link –

5. Calibre

If you are not buying a pure guide reader but require a one stop solution for book reading, library management & a lot of additional requirements that you just run into while indulging in the art of reading, Quality is the best choice you have! Besides a small eBook reading knowledge, you’ll have the ability to handle your textbooks, alter eBooks and substantially more. It has to be noted that Calibre is so easy to use that any novice may approach the device confidently.

Supported Platform: Windows Vista, Windows-7 and Windows8
Price: Free
Link –

6. FBReader

You may have seen this title instead as an Android or Windows Phone, but FBReader, a free guide reader, provides a specific model for Windows-powered PCs as well. Resembling some of the resources mentioned previously, FBReader is having an extra-easy graphical user interface with fewer buttons. However, it gives priority to reading experience. Therefore, if you prefer to read, with no distractions, FBReader is a superb selection that we would suggest. Plus, it supports an extensive array of eBook, including epub, fb2, mobi, rtf and HTML.

Supported Platforms: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows-7 and Windows8
Price: Free
Link –

7. Cool Reader

Cool Reader is an open-source solution to learn eBooks out of your Windows-powered Laptop without paying anything. So, you can get the favourite guide you desire and start reading. Despite being opensource, Awesome Reader has a lot of functions including bookmark system, service for a wide range of forms, for example, fb2, txt, RTF, TCR, file, HTML, epub and Mobi, etc. Altogether, Great Viewer is something great in case you are seeking a simple-to-use eBook reader.

Supported Platforms: Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
Price: Free (Open Source)

We hope you liked this article on Best Epub Reader for Windows and Epub Reader for Windows 10. If you are looking for How to Read Epub Files then we help you to find Ebook Reader for Windows. Comment below if you need any help.

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