How to Transfer Balance from Vodafone to Vodafone Mobile 2017

Here good news for Vodafone users. Today here I will attempt to describe Transfer Balance from Vodafone to Vodafone. This service is more useful when we don’t have sufficient balance to call someone. It’s an incredibly simple and easy process. But this technique is only possible when both transmitter and receiver using same cellular agent usually you can not share with someone. What you need to do is straightforward calling Vodafone balance transfer code then enters the total amount how much you need to discuss and next enter the mobile number. That’s it you have moved the entire process.

Balance transfer by the name itself we can say what it is but allow me to explain you about that it is a procedure where you can share your cellular harmony to another mobile number and observe that the exchange of harmony can be achieved only when the mobile numbers i.e. contributor and radio should be around the safe network.

How To Transfer Balance From Vodafone to Vodafone

How to Transfer Balance from Vodafone to Vodafone 2017

Here I’ll offer you complete details about shifting the mobile balance from Vodafone to Vodafone. You can only share your balance once in one day, but the device can receive multiple times. The minimum balance must be 5 rupees, and maximum must be 30 rupees only. The transmitter must be triggered since at least three months before, and the receiver must be triggered since 30 days before. While doing this method, both transmitter and radio cellular numbers must be inactive mode. You need to also check my Vodafone unlimited free calling trick, Vodafone free web trick, Vodafone free recharge trick, Vodafone mortgage signal and Vodafone Red Program.

How to transfer a alance from Vodafone now, this can be done by using some simple USSD Codes and SMS. Below we are providing Vodafone Balance Transfer Code/ Number.

Follow these Simple steps for Vodafone amount Transfer.

Open Phone Dialer.
Dial *131* Amount*<Mobile Number>#

For example: *131*50*9999999999#


  • Dial *130*<Amount>*<Receiver’s Mobile Number>#
  • In <Amount>put how much Balance you want to Transfer.
  • In <Receiver’s Mobile Number> to whom you want to Transfer.
  • For example *130*75*9999999999#

What you need to do is a simple search and find out the Vodafone USSD code for transfer mobile balance.

  • Vodafone balance transfer code *131*
  • Next, you need to enter the amount how much you want to share
  • Then enter the mobile number of your friend’s
  • And the format will be like *131*30<mobile number>#
  • That’ it you have to transfer your balance to someone. Now you will get a confirmation message like you have transferred the balance. This will help you with Transfer Balance from Vodafone to Vodafone.

Basic things to be remembered before transaction period

  • Enter any Amount between from 5 Rs(lower limit) and 30 Rs
  • You are allowed to transfer money to the same number only once in a day
  • Make Sure you enter the Valid 10 digit Mobile Number of your Friend
  • Play safe with *131*Amount*FriendMobileNumber#
  • Your crazy Friend could grab your Phone and send all your money to his Number

It doesn’t take so long. Easy you can transfer within five minutes. Now you’ve learned How Exactly To transfer the balance in Vodafone. Now remember this Vodafone Balance transfer code, and then time your friend need balance, just transfer it with the above trick. For comments, questions or contributions on Transfer Balance from Vodafone to Vodafone in as well as Vodafone Balance Transfer, please feel free to make use of the comment box below.

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