Visio Alternatives Free For Windows and Mac

For those who have worked for any big organization anywhere,  chances are which you purchased Microsoft Visio. It’s one of the hottest enterprise applications out there and has been for years. It’s useful for everything from generating flow charts to swim lane images, floor plans to mockups of files and pretty much everything in between. In this article, we are sharing best Visio Alternatives and Free Alternative to Visio for Mac / Windows.

Visio Alternatives Free

Visio Alternatives Free

Visio Alternatives Free For Windows and Mac

Illustrations, Mockups, Flow charts, Room Styles, you identify it, and there’s a pretty solitary market solution to all of those. Microsoft Visio will be the comprehensive diagramming tool that’s put to use by all the major corporates and Fortune 500 companies. What does Visio do? Well, it’s a strong vector diagramming software that will allow you to create anything ranging from Flow charts to Floor plans! From simple images for the most challenging and complex designing, Visio is capable of managing everything thrown at it. Have nothing to get going on creating? Visio provides a few templates, to begin with on the house screen when used through Visio Survey and more of these are available at their online site. If you are using Mac, then check Visio Alternative Mac and Visio Alternatives Online.

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Why the necessity for Microsoft Visio Alternatives?

You might be wondering if Microsoft Visio is such a nice device capable of pulling off wonderful images, why the options? Well, Visio comes in three versions with all the Standard one costing $299 and the Quality one costing a substantial cost of $999. Visio Alternatives is not too often that a business or specific user wants to build such effective images and is prepared to fork out such an amount on software that he will rarely use again. And here comes the requirement for alternatives to Microsoft Visio, capable of taking such feats without being heavy in your pocket.


LucidChart is another online diagramming option to Microsoft Visio. You have to sign in to use it but is nearly as simple as to utilize once you’re in. LucidChart has got the same range of shapes and drawing tools, the same layout and graph paper history but additionally, gives collaboration into the mix. Many people can cause at once, which seems painful but might work for a few.

LucidChart can also use Visio documents.Vdx records to get a little more interoperability. That makes it ideal if you’re getting work home.


OpenOffice will be the most accomplished Microsoft Office choice, and its Sketch item can be a direct competitor to Visio. It gives the same UI as its parent system and is virtually identical with regards to usability, function and use. It too has styles, collections, colors and report options.

OpenOffice Draw can also class things together helping to make working together with more technical diagrams very simple. It could create flash files too!

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LibreOffice is another free Workplace product that’s nearly the same as OpenOffice because they both was previously one item. They branched but look, feel and function very similar way. LibreOffice Sketch is indeed much like OpenOffice Draw as to be almost indistinguishable but since they are different items, deserve a separate entry.

LibreOffice Draw is an extremely practical free option to Visio while a whole office suite is a practicable option to Microsoft Office.


Though I think the name is silly, Gliffy is a great little diagramming tool. It uses HTML5 to make its work and operates in the browser. It is suitable for all windows, including Safari. It has a superb range of resources and alternatives, and it is easy to get up to speed with. You can reveal read-only types of your files on social networking too if that’s your thing.

Gliffy even offers an enterprise model if you like that which you notice, you can even utilize it at the office.


Ardoq is a significant software program that’s both free and advanced versions. It is very effective, ideal more for architects and system developers than casual users. Despite the fact that, it is still super easy to use and contains a wide range of drawing tools and options. It’s a variety of templates also that could severely improve your diagram.

Despite its potential, it’s easy-to-get making in Ardoq although it does need a login.


Creately is another application using an annoying name but a lot of electricity. While the free alternative is rather minimal, the personal quality is only $5 per month, so won’t break the lender. In exchange, you receive a feature rich diagramming software with a huge selection of forms, lines, colors, and themes. There’s a little something here for every developer. Create is available online or over a Windows, Mac or Linux app.

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7. DIA

Dia might appear to be anything in the 1980s but is a very competent free option to Microsoft Visio. It’s also a download in the place of web-based software, offering a bit more freedom with how so when you use it. It’s straightforward and incredibly efficient with all the typical array of resources and features. It is easy to steer, and you will be accustomed to anyone who has used Visio. It just works.

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